Understanding the Needs and Preferences of Transgender Individuals

Understanding the Needs and Preferences of Transgender Individuals

Transgender is a term that is generally applied to a wide range of individuals and behaviors as well as groups that would involve the tendencies to be different from the culturally accepted conventional gender roles. This is a state of a person's gender identity which is not matching with the person's assigned sex. Gender identity would then refer to identification of one's self and this could either be a man, woman, neither or perhaps both. Transgender is not going to imply a specific type of sexual orientation. In fact, transgender individuals can identify themselves as homosexual, heterosexual, pansexual, bisexual, or perhaps asexual. There are some people, however, who are going to consider the traditional sexual orientation inadequate or perhaps inapplicable to their current state.

There are a lot of definitions that have been given to the term "transgender". In fact, the description of transgender is constantly changing. One description would be that the term transgender is used to relate or perhaps designate a person who has the identity that does not conform clearly to the conventional concepts relating to that of the male as well as female gender roles but the identity combines as well as moves between the two gender roles.

Transgender Categories and Its Definition

A transgender person will have characteristics that are generally associated with a specific gender, any gender that is found in between the traditional identifications, or perhaps outside the traditional gender identification.

There are several overlapping classes when you consider transgender identity. These categories would include cross dresser, transvestite, androgynies, genderqueer, cross gender, drag queens, grad kings, and transsexual. We may find it hard to differentiate the categories of transgender but with getting the right information we would become well informed about them and how we can correctly identify such types of people.


Transsexual people are those people who identify themselves as well as who are having the desire to be accepted or perhaps live as a member of the sex which is actually opposite to that assigned to them at birth. There are a lot of those people who desire to submit themselves into gender transition. Those people who have already transitioned can identify themselves not as transgender or transsexual but rather as a woman or perhaps a man. Many of these transsexual individuals desire to make alterations in their bodies. Such physical changes are known as gender reassignment therapy.

.Cross Dresser

The term cross dresser is a person who has an observable gender identification with a specific sex and is designated by birth to a specific sex but this person wears the clothing of the opposite sex simply because such type of clothing is of the opposite sex. Such identification is going to exclude those people who ear the clothing of the opposite sex because of other reasons like actors having roles of the opposite sex, impersonators, and costumes. These cross dressers do not necessarily want to become the opposite sex nor they want to alter their bodies.


This term is used to describe someone who cross-dresses. This is a term that is considered synonymous to the term cross dresser. However, cross dresser is the preferred term that is widely used today.

.Drag Queens and Kings

Drag is a term used to describe the clothing as well as make up that is worn on special occasions for the purpose of performing or entertaining an audience. This is the opposite to that of a cross dresser as this is done for other purpose other than wearing the opposite sex clothing because it is the clothing of the opposite sex.


This is the term that is used identify those gender experiences that do not fit into any gender concepts. This is also used to refer to a mixture of gender identities as well as sexual orientations.

.People Who Live Cross Gender

Such people are those people who live always or perhaps mostly as the gender which is not assigned to them at birth. Some of these people may be transsexual or perhaps cross dressers.


This is the term that is used to identify the person who does not fit into the typical gender roles that is set by society. In fact, this will not imply any particular type of sexual orientation. These people may identify as between genders, beyond genders, entirely genderless, and moving across genders.


This is the term that is used to identify someone who moves between the feminine as well as masculine gender roles. These individuals have the tendency and ability to move between the two distinct personalities smoothly depending on the situation.

Transgender and LGBT Community

The difference that the concepts of gender identity will have when compared to that of a transgender identity would come in the form of sexual orientation. Sexual orientation, on the other hand, would describe a person's romantic, physical, emotional as well as spiritual attraction to another person. Gender identity is used to describe a person's sense of being a woman or perhaps a man.

Transgender are also included in the LGBT community wherein they form strong bonds of friendship and family ties for them to be able to withstand the discrimination that is brought about by the peculiarity of their condition when compared to the standards known in the society. Despite the distinction that they have when it comes to the sexual orientation as well as identity, the LGBT community is the only place where people who have variation in gender are socially accepted when considering the gender roles that they prefer and they feel they belong to.

With the LGBT community, these people struggle to belong to the society as they seek better understanding from the society at large. Transgender people are people who would need great understanding and support because of the complexity of their gender identity issues. Once we have fully understood their needs and preferences, we would surely be able to provide them more of our trust, support and love.

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