Learning More and Understanding the World of Bisexual People

Learning More and Understanding the World of Bisexual People

There are gender identity issues like bisexuality that are experienced by a lot of people from all walks of life. Some people are at peace with the issues but there are some who still need to read and understand the right information about such cases. People with gender identity are just as normal as male and female. People just view them as unusual because of what they do and feel that is the norm that we have known. Basically, if we just understand their concerns and feelings, everything would be better for them and we would surely have harmony and peace in our society.

Bisexuals Exist!

Bisexuality can be found in the world today and so are bisexuals. These people tend to get attracted to other people regardless of the gender of the other person. Yes, they do exist. Not just that, you can find them in all walks of life and in all age group. Some openly show their preferences while others prefer to keep it a secret in fear that they are going to be judged as someone who is abnormal. Because of the norms set by society that does not favor these people, there are now a lot of myths and misconceptions that are associated with this condition.

Bisexuals Are Not Confused!

Contrary to what many people believe, bisexuals are people who are not confused. Sure, it may seem like it since these people are attracted to more than one gender. But these people are really not confused. In fact, we can say that it is the people’s attitude towards the concept of bisexuality that is the confused.

You cannot deny the fact that it is possible for one person to become attracted to people of more than one weight, skin color, hair color, height or nationality. This is very much the same concept that happens with bisexuality. However, the openness of such attraction would include the person’s gender. Basically with such openness, you can say that these are just normal who becomes attracted to other people.

Bisexuals Do Not Necessary Have Equal Attraction to Both Gender

Some people believe that if you are bisexuals, you are then attracted to both males and females equally. This is not really the case because some bisexuals prefer one gender more compared to the other and they just become slightly attracted to the other. We can say that a female bisexual can get attracted to 10% of females and 80% of males. You don’t even need to hit that 100% attraction percentage for both genders. This means that she is attracted to both genders but is most probably going to seek relationship with male partner.

You can say the sexuality is not in fact black and white. Let us refer to it as red and blue. In between such colors, there are more colors. Like being male and female, there are other genders that can possibly occur.

The Modern Meaning of Being Bisexual

Traditionally, homosexual is defined as only being attracted to the same sex while heterosexual is only being attracted to the opposite sex. Such descriptions are states that the grounds of these words are actually being more gender restrictive.

However, in the modern era, there is a wider understanding that has been noted when it comes to gender and the descriptions of such words are revised. Homosexual now means that this is a state wherein a person is attracted to people that comes broadly of similar gender while being heterosexual means that a person is attracted to people of a broadly different gender.

Bisexuality, on the other hand, can be described as the freedom to feel attracted to both male and female genders at the same time.

Bisexual People is A Very Diverse Group

There are several theories about bisexuality. There are different types of bisexuality that has been identified. The differences will vary depending on their desires and preferences.

One type is Alternating Bisexuals are those people who may have relationship with a man and after this may then choose to have a relationship with a female partner. Another type would be Circumstantial Bisexuals. These people are primarily heterosexuals but they are going to opt for sex partners of the same gender when they are not given any other option. Concurrent Relationship Bisexuals are people who have primary relationships with one gender and have casual relationships with people of the other gender. Condition Bisexuals are either straight or gay/lesbian. However, they are going to switch to a relationship with another gender for a specific purpose in mind like career or financial gain. Emotional bisexuals are people with intimate relationships emotionally with men and women and will have sexual relationships with one gender only.

These are some types of bisexuality that are identified today. Regardless of the type, the people would need understanding from society and support from their friends and family.

Bisexuals in the Community

Many people think that bisexuals are abnormal people because of the gender attraction that they prefer. Because of such vindication, many bisexuals prefer to keep their condition to themselves. The truth is there are actually a lot of bisexuals that you can see in the gay and lesbian community. They are just afraid to come out and show this off because the society is not ready to accept them and they are going to be judged unfairly. It cannot be denied that there is a great deal of discrimination for such people. They are just normal people who prefer something that are not of the normal standards but not really something that is bad.

In society today, we have a community of LGBT which means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. These are overlapping circles that promote connectivity among each other. If the society just recognizes these community people then this would lead to better understanding on their needs and choices. If this happens then we would most likely have a more harmonious community with all people who have varying needs and diverse preferences.

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