Identifying and Better Understanding the Characteristics of the Lesbian Community

Identifying and Better Understanding the Characteristics of the Lesbian Community

Lesbian is the term that is used to describe giving sexual as well as romantic desire between two females. This term is also utilized as a noun that refers to women who actually identify themselves or perhaps those who are actually characterized as having the attributes of a female homosexual.

Lesbian Relationships over the Years

In the 20th century, lesbian was used as a concept that describes or differentiates women who has a shared orientation sexually. It cannot be denied that throughout history, just like gay men, women who consider themselves lesbians do not have the freedom or perhaps the independence to pursue relationships that can be considered as homosexual. However, unlike homosexual men, they have not met any harsh condemnations and punishments for their homosexual acts in some societies. Instead, lesbian relationships are often noted and regarded as relationships that are harmless as well as incomparable to the relationships of heterosexual people provided that the participants of such relationships attempt to include and assert privileges and actions that are traditionally enjoyed and performed by heterosexual males. Because of this fact, homosexuality of female people has not been documented fully in history. There has been no accurate description that can be found in history to confirm how people have expressed female homosexuality in the past.

It was in the 19th century that sexologist attempted to categorize as well as to describe homosexuality and homosexual behaviors. They have had the lack of information and knowledge when it comes to female homosexuality as well as lesbianism. In their description, they have distinguished lesbians as those women who aren't able to adhere to the female roles and are considered mentally ill. Because of such designation, women who are into homosexual relationships have responded by means of keeping their personal lives from the public. Some homosexual females, however, have accepted the identity of an outcast. Such acceptance has created a subculture as well as identity that have greatly developed in United States as well as Europe.

It was in World War II that women developed their own networks that allowed them to socialize as well as educate each other. The reason behind the creation of such hidden networks is that during this time a period of societal repression because the government has actively as well as actively persecuted homosexual people. Years after this where greater economic as well as social freedom has already flourished, women now are able to establish how they can effectively form relationships as well as families. This is the time when the second wave feminism as well as the growth of learning in the sexuality as well as history of women. This time, the definition of the term "lesbian" broadened.

Lesbian Redefined

It has been noted that the definition that is used to describe lesbian has changed over the years as women gain the social as well as sexuality freedom. When you compare men and women, it cannot be denied that women who exhibit superior sexual variability compared to men as it is easier for women to become emotionally as well as physically intimate with people of the same sex. There are women who do homosexual behavior who reject the lesbian distinctiveness while others adopt this identity for political purposes.

Three Components to Identify Lesbians

Over the years, sexuality has been meticulously studied and researched for a better understanding of the concepts that are included in this topic. People have been creating theories on how lesbians came to be and how they should be described. They have also created theories on how this sexual identity develops in a person. There are a lot of theories that are published but the scientists are yet to agree to the theory that will be considered to be true when it comes to the development of this sexual orientation. Despite the raging debate about this, it cannot be denied that nurture as well as nature would play important roles in its development.

There have been a lot of descriptions that have been given to lesbians over the years. But since there is now a greater understanding about women's sexuality, there have been three components that are used to identify homosexual females. The three components that are used to identify lesbians are sexual behavior, sexual identity as well as sexual desire.

Lesbian and the Society

It has been noted that the society at large has been threatened at the same time intrigued by women who challenge the gender roles of females. Moreover, the society finds it both fascinating as well as revolting for women to have a romantic involvement with other women. For those women who take on the identity of lesbians share their experiences and form their own community. In fact, they become united by the discrimination as well as the potential rejection that they are going to get from their families and friends as well as from the society at large.

Lesbians and LGBT Community

With the discrimination that lesbians are getting from their friends and families, they began to form a community that can help them deal with the rejection as well as discrimination of the society at large. Such strong bonds have been created by individuals who have been dubbed as abnormal because of the sexual orientation that they prefer. LGBT community houses several populations of homosexual individuals like the lesbian and gay communities, bisexuals as well as transgender individuals.

These people have been seeking acceptance from the society. They have already founded their own community where they can become freely themselves and express their preferences without having to worry about being rejected and unloved. With this community, they feel safe from the discrimination that they get from the society. With this small community, they are working to reintegrate into the society at large without having to fear all the possible rejections and discrimination that they are going to get.

Lesbians are normal people who just happen to have unusual preferences when it comes to having relationships. This does not mean that they are bad. They are people who needs understanding as well as love from the people that they care despite having unusual preferences and sexual orientation.

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