Being Bisexual

Being Bisexual

Most people believe that bisexuality is an abnormal condition of dilemma, that it is a straight individual on his/her way to being a gay or the other way around. The reality is bisexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation by itself.

Possibly no other term in the sphere of human behavior is employed with such imprecision. Let's first discuss what bisexuality doesn't imply. In traditional cultures of ancient Rome and Greece many males were bisexual as they were wedded to ladies and had teenage boys as lovers. This set-up was possibly the source of few of the great legendary and lyric verses of Hellenic periods.

First of all, never presume that the bisexual party is into courting you before you validate this with them. A few bisexuals don't want a fully committed and monogamous union, some others either don't wish to start a family yet (like a straight, lesbian and gay or relationship) or think they'll never be satisfied sexually with just one person. Accordingly, you could go forward in your bisexual courting endeavor. Some others who are completely transparent with you can help you save a lot of inconvenience and hurt feelings, but don't anticipate them to always do that, very often it is your responsibility.

Unlike homosexuality, bisexuality does not seem so unethical in the eyes of contemporary society. You can even find ancient ethnicities wherein bisexuality was normal, and it was not seen as an issue so long as they ultimately got married to someone from the opposite gender. Even though bisexuality does not seem so unethical in the eyes of many heterosexuals, the lesbian and gay community views it in a different way. The majority of gays and lesbians look at bisexuality as a phase of indecision. Oftentimes, they even view bisexuals as individuals who are in refusal of their homosexuality. Actually, there is a joke which goes "Bi now, gay later." Even though a few bisexuals do become homosexual, this is not a common phenomenon.

One advantage of bisexuality is the fact that it enables a person to engage in completely different psychological and sexual roles. With a lady, the bisexual may be fatherly and aggressive, and with a different man, childlike and unaggressive. With a lady he may be open, pleasant, and confiding, a genuine associate in the complicated relationship, and with a guy he may be cold, mysterious, and animal-like. Or he may be sensitive and supporting with a young man and somewhat rough and aggressive with a more mature woman. Homosexuality may be restricted to lasting human relationships and heterosexuality for temporary enjoyment, or the other way around.

As bisexuality has become more tolerable both in traditional western countries as well as other civil ones like Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland increasing number of people are admitting their sexual preferences. This implies that as a bisexual you've more alternatives, than ever before, in finding your ideal bisexual date. Presently there are even bisexual groups, and huge number of people on-line keen on bisexual actives.

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